Whiteboard Animation

for explainer videos


Whiteboard Animation is a explainer video that tells a story using drawings, voiceover and music.

The process starts with the creation of a script that will define the number of scenes and drawings for the explainer video. After that we will create the storyboard with custom made cartoons.

This script will be read by a professional voiceover and music will be added to give more rythm to the video.

The video will be delivered in HD .mov or .mp4 format.


We use a formula for the scripts of videos. 1:00 minute video must have 150 words, and so on. Your text must be reviewed before placing the order so we can approuved that it fits the standards of whiteboard animation.


We have a team of professional voiceovers that can record the voice that will read the script of your video. We will edit the audio file and add music to your video.  You can also provide your own voiceover and music.


The process is as follows: Script approuval / Creation of main characters / Production of storyboard and voiceover / Storyboard and audio review / Creation of the movie / Adjustments if necessary.

The cost of your drawing explainer video is based on the number of words of your script (not on the length of your video). The number of words of your script will define the number of cartoons that we need to create. An average of whiteboard animation video of 150 words, 1:00 minute video has 50 custom made illustrations that makes around 15 to 20 scenes.

Our price includes the voiceover recording in English language.
If you need another language a small fee may be added to your video.


150 words –  1:00 minute – 200US

250 words –  2:00 minute – 350US

350 words –  3:00 minute – 450US

450 words –  4:00 minute – 550US

550 words –  5:00 minute – 650US


Please check our script templates if you need some inspiration for your script writing. If you need to have more information please don´t hesitate to contact us to hello@whiteboardgirl.com


Please check some of our whiteboard videos. If you need to have more information please don´t hesitate to contact us to hello@whiteboardgirl.com