Whiteboard Girl / English

WhiteBoardGirl always offers customized sample videos for your products, services or brand. Includes original handmade drawings of professional voices and music with commercial rights.

The animation of WhiteBoard  gives you the opportunity to send a message, explain a concept or present your product in just 1:30 minutes captivating the public in a simple and fun.

How does it work?

Send us the original script of your story. This is the text that the artist will choose to read. We used a formula to know how long the video lasted: 100-150 words will be 1:00 minutes of animation and so on. Please bear this in mind, since the price of the film will depend on the number of minutes of it.

You can provide the original audio track or you can send it to us with voice artists. You must select the gender (male or female) and the accent.

Color style set of your movie. Prefer the color details in black and white, or do you prefer the characters of all colors?

Send us all the information about your movies, photographs, graphics, logos in vector file (adobe illustrations, eps) you still want to include.

Wait OK to approve the script before ordering!


REVIEWS AND ADJUSTMENTS: There are 3 reviews included in the movie and 1 for artist audio until you are satisfied. After 3 additional reviews they will have an additional cost.

PAYMENT AND REFUNDS: Payments must be made 100% before the start of any project. Refunds are available, but rarely produced, applied only in extreme situations.

COST: $ 150 animation / minute.

DISTRIBUTION: Where can I use this video? Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, website, Snapchat, social networks … Anywhere to buy the video you have the rights to the images.

EXTRA IMAGES: If you want the user characters or icons developed original content for the movie please send us a message to buy extras from the original artwork.

CONTACT: If you would like to send me some questions about your film, please contact me by sending me an email: hello@whiteboardgirl.com